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- Aluminium Systems.
- PVCU doors & windows.
- Green Roofs.
- Wall Protection Systems.
Examples of project executed by the company
- Imports & exports building (alex port)
- the engineering management buildin
(alex port)
Our Services
As high quality performance ALNOZOM represents the best possible enclosure for your architectural creation.
The best exterior finish material that maximizes architectural beauty ALNOZOM is your choice
for adding an exquisite touch to your creation.
ALNOZOM have a lot of systems working on
such as (curtain walls - semi structural glazing
-aluminum composite panels - stainless steel sheets )aluminum & U-pvc windows & doors systems.
There are endless construction finish materials
ALNOZOM outshines all others in many respects. 
Dream material with all the desirable
characteristics for the next generation ALNOZOM  is waiting for your project .
A perfect combination of aluminum and (U-pvc) systems ALNOZOM have both strong and versatile properties
ALNOZOM is well known for its good materials
and good finishing quality

The excellent physical characters of  U-pvc remove the limits of windows and doors systems and makes it look good and safe and guarantee you easy use   
We safe time, you save money That's the pride of ALNOZOM
Sky lights :
It content from high performance aluminum systems and poly carbonate panels it lets the light go throw with privacy.